Some of the benefits to joining the Center:


  • One-stop access to interdisciplinary university professors, post-doctoral researchers, graduate students. 

  • Significant cost saving potential on investigative fundamental and applied research & development in the university environment through pre-negotiated 10% Indirect Cost Rate on Research. 

  • Continuous and timely access to reports, papers and intellectual property generated within the Center. 

  • Decreased risk of validating and developing innovative PV solutions. 

  • Access to world-class facilities, including cloud computing, supercomputing and immersive visualizations. 

  • Recruitment opportunities to attract outstanding graduate students. 

  • Opportunity to collaborate with center members to explore joint research opportunities. 

  • Ability to leverage membership fee to gain access to complete research being conducted within the center. 

  • Potential for Royalty Free Non-Exlusive Member Licensing of Intellectual Property developed through center research.

  • Opportunities for leveraged/joint funding for larger programs and projects.

Center Member Benefits

“First Solar joined the Center for Next Generation Photovoltaics I/UCRC in January 2013 and has been very pleased with the progress of the work reported at the regular meetings. The center platform helps to develop a sustainable high-class infrastructure of capabilities and competencies at CSU and allows the researchers to focus on industrially relevant problems.”- First Solar

“In order to reach the Department of the Navy’s goal of 50% total energy consumption through renewable sources by the year 2020, the Naval Postgraduate School is focusing on research projects that are industry relevant, scalable and employ the best researchers in the field of photovoltaics. The I/UCRC allows us to collaborate with world class researchers and industry leaders to find ways to improve the Navy’s energy security and increase its energy independence”.

– Naval Post Graduate School